Persuasive Essay About Volleyball

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A person is capable of learning a skill if they put their time and effort towards what they feel passionate about. Has someone ever wanted to develop an ability that you practice it for hours a day? I did, I have spent around 100 hours a year trying to perfect my loving skill, volleyball. It was a hardworking skill, but enjoyable as well. It is my way of life. The most important years of my life was my volleyball experience in High School. There is a lot of sports out here today. Most of them use a lot of equipment, and others require none. Most of them require a decent amount of physical effort. However, out of all the sports that I could choose a favourite is, volleyball. It 's a sport that has its own level…show more content…
The whole team and I had practice every day in the afternoon, and I was excited to learn and play every day. Time to time I was seeing some results like: I could serve, bump, and hit. I was thrilled to play, and obviously be around with my friends. It was the moment I got super into volleyball, that I couldn 't wait to touch a ball. Everyone told me that I improved so much, and that I should never quit.
Sophomore year came, and I was nervous because now there was jv dark and varsity to worry about. I came to tryouts, and gave all my effort on volleyball as well as my friends. They had made the teams, and I never expected to be in jv dark. My best friends didn 't made it to jv dark but I couldn 't miss this opportunity. In addition, I was depressed that I could not be with them, but I needed to be in a team that I knew it was going to help me become better. It surely did because now there was more tasks that I could do. My serves were something no one could receive. Consequently, the only horrible part of jv dark is that I never had the chance to play. I came to practice everyday and I followed instructions, I never complained if we ran, but the coach never showed me that I could be in the court. I did showed her, I tried to show off my abilities in volleyball for her to notice. As a result to that she always put me aside. In effect of this, it brought me down I
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