Persuasive Essay About Wearing School Uniforms

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If you were a student and were told by your principal, “Starting this semester, we will begin to require the wearing school uniforms.”, how would you feel? Happy or sad? Are you knowledgeable about this certain topic or in other words, have gone out and conducted research on what accomplishments uniforms have made or have you only taken what you have seen or heard from others and based your opinion off of that?I can tell you that personally, that was what I have done for the longest time until I actually went out and truly understood the reasoning behind them. Yes, I was of those students where I disliked uniforms because I was unsure of what their purpose was but that was when I took into consideration how many schools have uniforms and why that number was as large as it was. What I found was that school uniforms not only gave schools a nicer and cleaner look but they had a great effect on how students acted. Many people, typically students, tended to have mixed feelings when they heard the terms “School” and “Uniform” in the same sentence. This was because there is a lacking of full understanding of what exactly school uniforms are and what they are put in to accomplish. With that being said, let’s take a deeper look at what uniforms are and why dress codes weren’t enough to create the best environment for schools. As far as history concerns, dress codes are guidelines implemented in schools to help keep the attire of students under control. Usually, they consist of simple rules on each of article of clothing that each student wears. An example of this would be with shirts and what can and can’t be shown. The codes go into detail about what is not acceptable to show underneath the clothes and what can be shown or written on them. Although this seems that it would be effective because of its specificity, students have still have found ways to break the code or have disregarded the code in its totality. Along with the code being broken came other problems. Students showing up late to class or having to be sent home because what they were wearing was deemed inappropriate for school as well as bullying for the clothes that one would wear were just a few issues to name that teachers and principals were
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