Persuasive Essay About Wearing School Uniforms

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Do you have to wear a uniform and do people say that you should act “normal” or like everybody else? It was early in the morning, I had just woken up to get ready for school. At my school we have to wear uniforms, also, the rest of the schools have to wear uniforms. When you go inside my high school, the hallways and classrooms have no bright fun colors, but instead there are plain colors like browns and tans. The classes I have are very long and boring and I sometimes sleep in class, I don’t get caught, in fact the teachers never really notice. When school is over I walk home. I say “hi” to my mom and dad, after that I grab a snack and do my homework and put on my pajamas and go to sleep. One weird and annoying thing about my town is that everyone has to wear the same thing unless if a person worked at a business job, they would wear a suit, but other than that we all wear a plain grey t-shirt and light blue jeans and black and white shoes. At school every grade has different types of uniforms to know what grade they are. In the morning I didn’t feel like wearing my uniform so I just put on a black and white striped t-shirt and some dark wash jeans with my all black converse. When my sister saw me I got nervous, she told me to go to my room and change, but I refused to go back and change. So I went to my room, but instead of changing into my uniform I decided to climb out of my window, it was pretty scary, but I did it. After that I ran as fast as I could to school. Myself was getting really tired and sweaty from running and went inside the school and tired not to get caught by the teachers. Anytime I would see a teacher I’ll try to hide in the bathroom or go to small little corner. When my friends looked at what I’m wearing and they were surprised at first but they said they liked my outfit, but were scared that I would get caught and get in so much trouble. The next day one of my friends was wearing a dress, my other friend my wearing a grey sweatshirt and a basic pair of jeans. Later that day we were thinking of protesting that we should stop wearing uniforms and we should be able to wear what we what or to make the school and towns dress code less strict. We also told the other kids if they wanted to
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