Persuasive Essay About Yosemite

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Funny thing about camping in Yosemite for years with my family. Every time we invited a family to camp with us, they all responded while sitting around the camp fire, with the same statement. "There are no bears in Yosemite"! Some how in their own minds they seemed to think their statement would keep them away. Or they wanted reassurance from us there weren't any. We have had several encounters with them in our camp, but the Rangers have mostly contained them. Trouble is, what Yosemite are you talking about? Yosemite Valley where most of the camping is, or Yosemite National Park.
In this particular situation, the wife was very skeptical of bears being there. To the point of being down right rude, and snickering at the thought of them. However once in the while, the Gods will just smile down upon us. And They did so! After all Yosemite IS A WILDERNESS!
Our families hiked up to the top of Nevada Falls and there we sat down to picnic, near this beautiful Falls. We broke out our box lunches, opened our soda's. A few minutes into enjoying our food, I looked up about ten feet behind the group and above the rest of the party. Here comes a Mother black bear over the rise with her baby cub. Seeing this instant trouble, I told every one to drop their food and back away. The Mother herself looked only to be not more than five or six years old. And to quote my girls the cub was "adorable." We all backed away and watched the mother sort through our lunch, and decide
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