Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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Thousands of innocent animals are being hurt, blinded and even drugged for scientific research. What makes humans have the right to exploit innocent animals and expose them to harm? “Anything that can feel pain should not be put to pain”, stated Dolgin R.M. It is true, animals have the same rights human beings do and just because they can’t communicate doesn’t mean they don't feel the pain in which they're put through. Amongst tested animals, 103,764 of them weren’t given medications to alleviate suffering or pain and were forced to take the test for scientific research ( At the moment plenty of mice, rabbits, monkeys and amongst other animals are locked up in cages across the U.S. laboratories as they languish in pain and dream to be freed. Not only are these defenseless animals suffering from cruelty that they undergo every day but so are humans receiving unreliable products.

Many manufacturers still animal test their products and jeopardize many innocent lives due to scientific research. More than 25 million vertebrate animals are used in animal testing in the United States each year ( According to the Peta organization manufacturers such as Clorox, Church & Dwight, Johnson & Johnson and many others continue to intoxicate and harm animals to test their products and ensure themselves that the product they will distribute to stores is safe to use. Animals suffer even when they are not submitted to the test they are mistreated by scientists who don't feed or care for these angelic animals who don't deserve to be treated this way. It's estimated 10 million animals suffer from cruelty as their forced to take these tests before they are killed.

Animal testing is expensive and scientists should reconsider finding other ways to test their products. Not only do animals suffer but so does our economy. These tests are being funded by the federal government using the public's tax dollars and by health charities who are wasting considerate amounts of dollars on cruel and irrelevant experiments on animals that instead should be spent on human-based research. Scientists also have to pay for a lab to perform these tests the animals. Paying for a lab is an initial cost
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