Persuasive Essay Against Animal Testing

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Imagine an animal locked in a dark cage, alone without food or water, with a deadly disease infecting its body, having to watch other animals being experimented on. These animals have zero control of what is about to happen, and they will never know if today is their last day. This is the situation that happens when animals are the subject of tests. Many of these animals are suffering with diseases and possibly growing tumors the size of their bodies. Worldwide, 24 animals die every minute in laboratories. Every year, 100 million animals die from such test.
These tests are unethical, unnecessary, and is bad science. Mice, fish, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, farm animals, birds, cats, and dogs are just a few of the animals that are being tested on. Many of these animals become blind after tests that consist of eyeliner, hand soap, food ingredients, and medicines. These animals are dying inhumanely, and it needs to stop. PETA scientist stated, “Life in a cage is no life at all” (PETA). So why, as humans, do we find it acceptable to put them through all this suffering?
The United States of America allows laboratories to test on animals. Many times testing includes but is not limited to: starving, isolating, drowning, being burnt, shocked, brain-damaged, and addicted to drugs. Animal testing is very ineffective due to animals not getting the same diseases as humans. Also, the testing leaves permanent damage to the animals. Blindness, burning skin, and brain damage are
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