Persuasive Essay Against Gun Control

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Against gun control

Whenever people hear the word guns in any sentence, there frighten by the idea it can kill anyone, but it reality it can also save us from certain death ourselves. Gun were made to protect us, guns don't kill people people kill people and it's one the common mistake people make when it comes to decided to add gun control or not. They are part of the United States amendments and they are the reason why we all are protected in our society. Without guns to protect us, people can step on us and take over our city and even the country itself without protection.People has the mind to believe that gun kills when in reality people kills people which is why i am against gun control.
One of the reason why we get the idea to protect ourselves with guns goes way back to the american revolution. The American Revolution began in a dispute over gun control when British Redcoats marched toward Lexington and Concord to disarm farmers there.we had so many wars and we finally won and separated from the British. We must, therefore, hold onto our guns legally or illegally for the very same reason the colonists did.

Gun prohibition may sound like a good thing to control over who can use guns but sometimes gun prohibition can be sexist.Police and society expects women to resist rape by using their fists, fingernails, keyrings, and scream for help, But why does any women must protect them self that way? In 2000 and until now,there have been about 75% of rapes in California that looks very serious and it questions us how are any women are supposed to protect themselves that way.There is a best solution to solve all this and the best way is to own a gun. We should buy a gun and learn to use it and the reason why women are more likely to be raped or assaulted or robbed is because many believe that women are weak and scared enough to go and beg the State for protection. A woman who stands proud, armed, and fearless will be able to scare anyone who tries to hurt us in any way possible.

We have rights to own our guns, There are bad people in this country splitting us away from our families and killing them and there are rapist out there. We need protection wherever we go.Cops are not gonna stand next to us

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