Persuasive Essay : An Analysis Of Dana Thomas's 'Terror Purse Strings'

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The goal of persuasive essays are to utilize certain rhetorical strategies and techniques in order to make the audience adopt their specific viewpoint over different ones. Some examples of these strategies include anecdotes, statistics, analogies, metaphors, similes, allusion, and repetition. The proper use of these techniques will make an essay easier to follow for the audience, thus making the argument more effective. Writers should also include the Aristotelian triangle of appeals, which are logos, pathos, and ethos, and use them effectively in order to persuade the audience to agree with the argument being made. Two persuasive essays that can be compared are “Terror’s Purse Strings”, by Dana Thomas, and “Sweatshop Oppression”, by Rajeev Ravisankar. These essays both address similar topics, but there are differences in how the authors approach their arguments. In Dana Thomas’s essay “Terror Purse Strings”, Thomas is trying to bring awareness to companies that produce counterfeit items and persuade her audience of all people, but particularly younger women, not to purchase them. In order to make her essay easy to read, Thomas includes certain strategies to catch the eyes of her audience. The strategy that she uses best is statistics. An example of a good statistic in her essay is when she tells the reader that “at least 11 percent of the world’s clothing is fake, according to 2000 figures from the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group in Paris” (103). Thomas includes a

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