Persuasive Essay : Animal Lover

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If there are any two words that could describe me better than anything, they would be “animal lover.” Animals have always been a huge part of my life—my passion—which is why I am now pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine. With this being said, when I fourteen years old, I had a pet calf named Lucy. I had raised and bottle-fed Lucy from the time she was only a day old. She was a great pet and friend. I loved that calf and she loved me. One sunny summer day, I came home to find that Lucy was not in the pasture. She was missing. I frantically ran to the house to tell my mother about her disappearance and found that while I had been away to my friend’s house, she had sold Lucy without telling me. I was heartbroken and more than anything angry. I tried to talk my mother into getting her back but was not successful, so I found out who she had sold her to and decided that I would get my calf back one way or another. Without permission, and without a driver’s license, I stole the money that had been Lucy’s profit, lied to my mother, snuck out of the house, got on the four-wheeler, and drove all the way to where she was located. I found the man who had bought her and begged to buy her back. Thankfully, he let me purchase her. However, my mother found out that I did this, and I was greatly punished for my acts of rebellion. This morally wrong action that I pursued can be described in terms of compatibilism and determinism. In order to do so, these terms must first be defined.
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