Persuasive Essay: Animal Testing In The United States

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Animal Testing
Animals lose their lives in a horrible way so that we can have useless things like makeup. A lot more brands use animals testing then society would think. By law before releasing a new medication it has to be tested many times on different animals first. One reason animal testing is horrible because it hurts them for not good reasons when there is more efficient ways to test products. (“Animal testing is a bad science”)
Innocent animals are locked in cages until they die. All over the United States, they are locked into cages all by themselves. In nature, they are around other animals of their species so when they are locked up like this. It causes them to lose their minds. Some animals go crazy and start acting very odd because they have no contact with other animals. When this happens, the scientists are forced to use horrible tools on them to get them out of the cages to grab them. These animals are dragged into these cages after being injected with nasty things. Some
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They are forced to inhale things and possibly make them die or make their skin melt off. They get water and food deprived in some of the experiments and even have a red light on them, so it makes it harder to relax. These scientists restrain them and then burn or use fire on them to study the healing process, but sometimes they do not always heal with absolutely no anesthesia or painkillers. In extreme cases, they tie the animal to a table and break their neck or back while still alive. To see what the chemical did to the strength or their bones and what it did to their insides. When testing shampoo on bunnies, their eyelids are held back by a metal clip for days, so they are not able to blink at all. Almost 100,000 animals suffered in crazy experiments in 2010. These cute innocent animals live their life just to die, and they never see the outside. (“Animal Testing is not essential for medical
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