Persuasive Essay Banning Books

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Back in the 15th century there was no such thing as censoring books for young minds. People in that century didn’t see or feel a need to censor coarse language, scabrous actions, and situations. Now a day’s though, children are expected to be censored by their parents to protect their childhood innocence. Public schools need children to acquire permission from their parents before they can read a novel with content that is considered improper. Daniel Radosh’s son came home from school with a note asking if it was fine if he read Fahrenheit 451, although, it held foul language and descriptions of the burning of a Bible. Daniel Radosh responded in a witty note that the permission slip was a perfect way to intricate the students with the…show more content…
However, the book had been taken out of context as a way for criminals to get away with their crimes and as an overall violent novel which is why “the teacher made an alternate assignment for students whose parents refused permission to read the book” (Burress 16) Those students due to their parent’s censorship missed the significance of the book which is that The Magician, “Points out the failures of this society to live up to its ideals” (Burress). Books often prepare young minds for issues they will have to face in the external world for example in the case of The Magician that the justice system isn’t always successful. Censoring books is perceived as a way of parents protecting their children from scandalous subjects, however, by banning books they deprive them essential lessons they can use in society. An example that Lee Burress offers in Battle of the Books, is how a book can give a modern perspective on a subject, children are unfamiliar with, but may encounter. “Foster Child by Marion Bauer is a banned book that gives a modern perspective of how modern foster children are treated” (Burress). It touches the subject of sexual abuse and although parents try to protect their children from these subjects: it is better for children to know what sexual abuse is rather than remaining ignorant. In this case ignorance is not bliss and it can lead to children being unable to identity when they are being molested. It can also teach children empathy and lead them
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