Persuasive Essay: Buckeye Riverside Towing Controversy

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If you're ever in the unfortunate position of getting stranded on the road, you have the right to choose affordable towing. It doesn't matter if you've been in an accident, run out of gas, or had a flat – you do not have to use a service you don't want, even if the authorities chose it. Unfortunately, many people get roped into paying with ridiculous towing rates, so today Buckeye Riverside Towing in Cincinnati wants to set the record straight. If you are stuck on the road for any reason, you are entitled to the following options: Roadside Assistance: You shouldn't have to get towed if all you need is a tire change, jump start, or another task you can accomplish on the spot – and Buckeye Riverside Towing will help you with any of those things.
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