Persuasive Essay : Child Motivation

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Draft: Child Motivation I remember those days from my childhood when my parents would punish me for not doing my homework or not being disciplined. I was not much of a thinker back then but I always wondered why our family relied on rules and punishments when our immediate neighbors treated their children with rewards. The concept of them being motivated with a muffin or a chocolate bar or some playtime—if they complete their wok in time—contrasted with my family’s tradition of punishment when it came to homework. Now, after many years have passed, I am able to present a resolve that neither of the two extremes is preferable for a child’s growth and it is imperative that the parents realize the effects of the two motivational styles at…show more content…
Experts believe that the source of motivation is contingent upon the right relationship between adult and child, not the right punishment techniques. The fake sense of punishment being the right way has been a part of the parenting for centuries; in fact the physical force was closely administered by the West until recently, and despite being outlawed by many countries, has still not been removed totally out of the system. It has further been observed that the punishment method cannot go on for long since teenage children were not afraid of punishments anymore. Researchers say that motivation comes from development of relations and is contingent upon the right relationship between adult and child, not the right punishment techniques. As per Debbie Pincus, the push-pull technique of motivating a child to do his homework won’t work for long and would rather turn into a power struggle rather than a grooming session. She says that if the parents are caring more about the child’s grades then he himself then there is clearly something wrong in this scenario. 2-Daeg and Davidson, in their article ‘Discipline’, established that the gist of motivating a child is related to what age group he is in. They further explained various age groups and the optimum motivation style required by such children; from the stage 2 to the mid of stage 4 punishment might prove worthy to keep the child aligned to right track but as soon as the mid of stage 4 passes, the child starts to develop
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