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My recent decision to enroll in a university to continue and complete my pursuit of an undergraduate degree was not especially difficult. Selection of and commitment to a particular university was not as simple. Multiple factors including, but not limited to, price point, reputation, ease of access, and career relevance were weighed. I selected Western Governors University and remain very satisfied with this choice. Cost is a major determining factor, and one in which WGU holds a tremendous advantage over competing learning institutions. One must consider the annual cost of WGU at $5,780, compared to the average annual cost of a public institution at $32,617. Other online institutions also cannot compete in regards to cost,…show more content…
The mentor program is a benefit of WGU that, while described in their promotional material, is not fully realized until experienced personally. Each student is assigned a 4 mentor as a “personal point of contact and guide throughout the duration of the program” (WGU, 2012). Weekly status update phone calls have been essential to my keeping on track and motivated - issues I was concerned with considering the self-paced nature of online learning. The mentor is just one aspect of WGU’s support. Each course is supported by multiple class mentors - experienced professionals that lead online webinars, publish video tutorials, and respond to personal inquiries. All of these are offered at many different times to accommodate students’ schedules. Returning to college as a working adult is a serious commitment. Balancing work, family life, and attempting an education is difficult. While cost benefits, reputation, and career relevance were my primary drivers in selecting WGU as my university, the support of my personal mentor and the staff committed to each course have been the biggest factor in my satisfaction with WGU. I do not hesitate to suggest Western Governors University to anyone interested in pursuing higher education. 5 REFERENCES How WGU’s tuition compares. (2013). Retrieved from http:// Fast

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