Persuasive Essay: Cooking At Home Vs. Eating Out

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Persuasive Essay Cooking at home vs eating out I am sure everyone would like to achieve their life goals faster by being more productive and financially responsible. Furthermore, being healthy makes a person physically able to work and achieve said goals. All these things are connected to food. It is a well-established fact that the most fundamental need for us humans is food. Life is impossible if we are not able to consume food to fulfill our body’s nutritional requirements; therefore, it is crucial for our survival. When it comes to fulfilling this need, we are faced with only two apparent choices: cooking the meal our self in our home or acquiring ready-made meals from a food service establishment. Both of these devices can fulfill our need; whereas, cooking at home is clearly the better option due to the fact that it is more economic, faster, and healthier. Some may argue that cooking at home is a waste of time and may cost more money. They …show more content…

If anyone wants to be financially stable, and also wants to save a good amount of money, then cooking at home is the best option for them. Lampert (2016), writes in her article about a survey conducted by, in which they compared the prices of a chicken dinner among four popular American restaurant chains. The results turned out to be an average of 13.41 USD and 16 USD with tip. However, when they made a similar meal at home, the total cost came out to be just 6.41 USD, less than half of the price. Looking at this data, it is clear that cooking at home is considerably cheaper than eating out. Moreover, the money saved from this can be used in more useful ways, such as making investments which can yield great profit over time, and using it to improve the quality of one’s life by upgrading living standards or acquiring luxury items. All of this can be achieved just by cooking at

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