Persuasive Essay : Dream Children By Gail Godwin

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Storytelling has been used for all of human existence to pass down ideas and morals. Writing was just the next step in allowing additional individuals to have access to the multitude of new stories being created. When different people read the same story, they are able to glean different things from it. This is due to the fact that people read the stories on different levels and with differing viewpoints. Upon the first reading of “Dream Children”, by Gail Godwin, a reader may view the story as a timeless, boring love story. However, if a reader dives into the story from a feministic approach, one sees a deeper plot where Mrs. McNair is imprisoned by societal norms and longs for an understanding of her feelings and desires. In 1976, when the short story was written, the second feminist wave was taking place. This movement focused on equality in the workplace, with the success of having The Equal Credit Opportunity Act being passed two years prior to the release of the short story and the first marital rape law enacted in Nebraska the same year. Godwin intertwined the latter law, by mentioning how the McNairs “lay tenderly together on these weekends, like childhood friends…. their mutual sorrow like a sword between them” (431). It is known that not all husbands were as kind to their wives as now socially expected. Godwin uses the word “tenderly”, which demonstrates that feelings are still present between the two, but also hints that not all marriages were tender. Just like

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