Persuasive Essay: Drug Testing In Schools

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Drug testing in schools Today your best friend isn’t at school today, you’re worried because they usually text you every morning. They’ve never not texted you. You go throughout the day worrying, you know your best friend has been hanging out with some sketchy people, doing things you are against. Drugs. In this instance, it happens often, too many students are getting into drugs fast. Schools need to drug test and send students that test positive to a rehabilitation center. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially teenagers. Schools all over the U.S need to drug test more. Drug test prevents deaths, saving lives. They also make schools a lot safer. Finally drug test do cost more than you would think, but isn’t the extra penny worth…show more content…
They have to balance school, homework, get a healthy amount of sleep, extra-curricular activities, have a social life, and spend time with their family, they have a lot of things to balance and sometimes they can’t take it all. Ordinarily, some students feel the need to do drugs, as a pain or stress reliever. Some use to stimulate, because they can’t stay awake. Shouldn’t students be able to get the correct medication, not having to turn to illegal substances? Schools should drug test for that very reason, teens sometimes need help, and if a drug test is positive, they get the chance to go to a rehabilitation center, to get the correct medication, to get that help. Often students don’t get that help, and what happens? A possible overdose? An accident under the influence? In the article school drug testing “Teenagers are most likely to abuse drugs.” Teens make up a little over fifty percent of drug abusers! Drug tests may cost quite a lot, there actually five thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars per one thousand students. That’s a lot of money for schools with over two thousand students. Then again, isn’t the extra amount of money worth saving a student’s life? If some schools don’t have enough money for the drug tests, why not host a benefit or a fundraiser to make the money needed? According to the article Drug testing in Schools it states “They could help raise money for the tests or get grants from local businesses, nonprofit foundations, private organizations, or donations from the
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