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Students in high school and middle school should have to take a drug test to be able to come to school and participate in school events. Drugs cause things from behavioral problems to mental problems. If a students was caught doing drugs the school would provide help for the student. The students would be able to focus on school and sports instead of drugs. With there being a drug test it would keep students from doing drugs because they would have to take a drug test and the student would get caught if he/she had been doing drugs. The problem with students coming to school high does not just affect them self, it affects everyone in the school. When student are high it is hard for them to learn and concentrate on the correct things. Doing drugs can also cause students to forget things easily so it can make can make it harder to pay attention and remember the tools for the test. It also takes aways from the other students who actually want to learn. Students may starts on a less harmful drug but it can lead to the more harmful and scary drugs. Drugs can also cause mental effects. Students bodies and brains are not fully developed and using drugs can be harmful to them. Not all students do drugs but the ones that do can have behavior issues. The best solution is having to have a mandatory drug test. The students would take them before every four months so it is during and in between activities that occur in the school. Then the school can also have a couple random drug test during the school year so the students are not just doing drugs right before the drug test. For the random drug test there would only be a few students selected to take the test. The random drug test would have nothing to do with the students history. If a student takes a drug test and it comes out positive the student will be required to attend counselling and be regularly tested until the drug test is negative (Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Testing in Schools). The ways other students and other people can can help the drug testing not affect so many students are influence people's children not to do drugs. Parents need to watch and make sure their children are not starting or doing worse drugs when they move schools or experience a

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