Persuasive Essay Drugs

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Imagine you are an ordinary high schooler. You have a good academic record, a respectable reputation, and a bright future. You one day are pressured by others into doing marijuana and suddenly all those countless hours of studying to get into an amazing college vanish in front of your very eyes. Abruptly, you come to the realization that you are addicted to marijuana As, if this isn’t enough you are later caught selling it to others at your school. This is a similar situation at Sharon High School in Sharon, Massachusetts. The student was allegedly found selling drugs to other students at his high school. When the school found out about this they investigated the student’s locker and found nine packages of marijuana in his book bag. The student became livid and attempted to get his book with the drugs back. This shows that this student had such an addiction to the cannabis that he did not care about the consequences. This 17-year-old student is not alone in this situation. Many other high schoolers have also come victim to the harmful drug. These high schoolers don’t understand the risk of smoking marijuana and how it could keep you from having a successful future. However, peer pressure is not the main reason for smoking the cannabis. Parental guidance is another key factor in the behavior of marijuana abuse in high school. Some teens have parents who are trying to hold two jobs, while others have parents that are alcoholics or do drugs

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