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Once I stepped foot inside my house after coming home a couple minutes late of my curfew from a night out to eat with my cousins, my mother immediately yells at me for going out too much with them. She yelled in my language and in broken English, “Molly Ann, you never do anything in this house! Why you keep on going out with your cousins when you never do anything to help around in this house!” In my head, I was immensely annoyed with her yelling at me for going out with my cousins and saying I never do anything around the house because out of all my siblings, I’m the oldest child, I’ve always done everything to help around the house to the best of my ability and be a good role model at the same time. I proceeded to carry out this long and brutal argument with her like any other teenager does with their mother at some point or points in their lives. Although, the arguments with my mother were always very long and brutal, to the point where I always ended up crying myself to sleep whenever those types of arguments occurred with her. But specifically, that night, she made one statement towards me that had me break down almost every night of sleeping in my bedroom from that day forward. She said in a disappointing and furious tone, “I wish you died when you had cancer.” After that statement was said, I immediately shut my mouth, walked to my bedroom, and hysterically broke down. Growing up in my Laotian cultured household was very difficult for me. My parents are both

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