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When it comes down to the United States of America, are we really as patriotic as we say, when it comes to pledging for our country ? Explaining, that we pledge our self for this country everyday, so why are we going against the very foundation of our country? “ Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives “ - John Adams, letter to Benjamin Rush, 18 April 1808 ( US diplomat and politician 1735-1826 ). John Adams, our 2nd president of the United States, stated we should never question our loyalty to the homeland ( United States Of America ). This raises the question “ Should players be allowed protest, during the National Anthem ? “ Currently, many U.S. citizens are very angered by the protest of NFL players protesting the United States anthem. Which enraged both non-protesters and protesters, but shouldn’t we be united as one, not individually and not pinned each other.
My perspective is that everyone should stand for the flag and those who fought/fighting for our country, this is highly unfair and selfish on the half of U.S.A citizens. Published by, CNN author of article “ Patriotism is Passion (2017) “ , reporter Brandon Griggs.
“ The first, of course, is veterans and their families. For money, patriotism is attendant to military service, and dying in combat is the ultimate sacrifice anyone can make for their country ( CNN, 2017 ).” Mr.Giggs, gave crucial information on informing citizens, on how veterans fight for our country. Why would be protest in

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