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Throughout my period of searching for arguments and discussions, I had come across a couple videos on YouTube that appealed to me the most. One video was about how a girl had pushed her so-called boyfriend to suicide. The people in that video had mentioned how the girl was wrong with her actions and how could a human ever push anyone to do that. Another argument was a video over an Anti-Rape activist who had posted an explicit video to stand up against rape. The people in that discussion argued how she was either doing right or wrong in her actions. Both of these arguments are the most appealing to me so I will focus on them for my analysis. The reason I had chosen these arguments is that I like how they both have people who bring their emotions into the discussion to argue for their side of what they believe is right in the situation.
The first discussion that I had looked into was a YouTube video from a news channel called The Young Turks. In the video, “Girlfriend Pushes Young Guy to Suicide”, the two people discussing the topic explained that “a young teen girl pushed her young teen boyfriend to kill himself through text messages by telling him to breathe in carbon monoxide in his truck, then almost immediately after his death she had created a charity event” (“Girlfriend Pushes Young Guy to Suicide”). The young teen girl not only just told him to do it but she kept aging it on to carry out the deed, and when he told her he was scared she just told him to not make excuses and go on with the plan. The woman in the video had explained the only reason she would be right was that if he was suffering an illness and she was helping him not suffer. On the other hand, the man completely disagreed and said that the young girl was wrong for her actions. He also said that the only reason she must have done it was that she wanted to gain attention from it mostly because she did a charity immediately afterward and when someone asked to help she reminded them that the charity was her idea. The rhetorical appeal for this discussion would be logos but it still uses some emotion from the people pointing out their argument. The logical Fallacy would be that of the situation of the young teen girl, she has every right to

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