Persuasive Essay For College Education

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The world is progressing; society is constantly expanding, so it only makes sense that our education should prepare students for these ever-changing needs. Unfortunately, the world nowadays looks at college as a requirement not a privilege, and they’re right. Today’s job market is no longer a competition between those with versus those without a college education. Now, it’s about comparing the individuals and if they can benefit their employer. Colleges have realized in order to prepare students for the real world they need more than just knowledge. Companies want people who can think creatively, critically, and independently to keep up with society. Today’s college education needs to be more than the quantity of facts, it needs to be a place where students become individuals and receive the knowledge for success to obtain more than just a job but a career. College is about developing the students character; one of quality and understanding. Life is more than a job. In the future when students pursue a career and are happy with work, it is then that they will being to want more out of life. College should provide students with the chance to become individuals, unique yet commonly satisfied. A cultivated human is a worldly human. One that understand the world with its numerous cultures. One that can put itself in the shoes of other and picture the lives and how that can help them better their own. In the article Cultivating Humanity and World Citizenship, Nussbaum says,
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