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The Best Summer Wedding Outfits for Guests in 2017
Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding? Love is in the air, everyone is upbeat and happy because they’re celebrating the ultimate display of commitment. Whether you are single and looking to mingle, hoping for a proposal soon, or you’re already married – it’s a special day that you want to look your absolute best for. There are so many styles out there, though, it’s difficult to know where to start the search for the ultimate outfit. Let us help you out.
Maxi Dresses
There’s nothing quite like a floral maxi dress to capture summer, stay cool and comfortable and look stunning. Go for the black floral print to be the best dressed wedding guest of 2017.
Jacquard Dress
The beauty of this style is that it is dressy enough for a wedding, but casual enough to wear again and again. Choose a bright colour to capture the summer and pair with even brighter jewellery to take it to the next level.
Stretch Cotton Dress
It’s a comfortable fit and comes in plenty of beautiful floral prints, and like the Jacquard Dress it’s an excellent option for a plethora of occasions.
The Backless Maxi
Yes, there is more than one type of maxi dress and opting for a backless number with a front slit is the optimum way to capture a flirty style that is sure to turn heads (without distracting from the bride too much).
Gingham Print
Is it back? Or did it ever really go away? This summer is all about gingham, so why not opt for a graphic print dress!

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