Persuasive Essay : Holocaust Heroism

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Persuasive Essay: Holocaust Heroism As millions of people know, the Holocaust was a time of struggle and difficulty and through the struggle and difficulty there were heroes. Heroes, that many do not acknowledge and some may find nothing but a person living in this disaster. In three specific sources, there were strong people fighting an arduous battle, and not just a person living in the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel in the book Night showed an incredible journey through this time that definitely showed heroism, Anne Frank from the play The Diary of Anne Frank, showed the world of nothing but an optimistic view point, and Mr. Frank also from the play The Diary of Anne Frank presented that he was a selfless and lionhearted person. These three…show more content…
As for Anne Frank, a young girl recognized everyday for her hopeful view on life as well as the Holocaust itself, profoundly conveyed heroism. In the play, The Dairy of Anne Frank, Anne continued to reveal her spunky, but buoyant attitude through several different occurrences. Anne allowed a positive vibe while hiding away specifically when surprising everyone with gifts on Hanukkah. When Mrs. Frank tells Margot that having everyone there and alive is present enough Anne states, “No it isn’t. I’ve got something . . .” “…Presents!”(Act II, Scene 5, Lines 2430-2441). This shows that even through these gory events, she still has a way to find the good. Anne’s positive and heartfelt attitude also shows when she had said, “…I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart” (Act II, Scene 4, Lines 1758-1760). Anne leaves such an amazing outlook on the world that many people cannot do. Some may believe Anne’s rambunctious and obstinate attitude while hiding away really takes away from her being a heroic figure, but being at such a young age and seeing only the good in humanity definitely deserves an applause. Although Anne’s adolescence is seen quite a bit, there is also an insane amount of maturity within her as well. Mr. Frank, a survivor as well as an amazing individual, brought an astounding amount of faith, belief, and hope. In the play, The Diary of Anne Frank, Mr. Frank was always
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