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Homelessness Remember the struggle and pain of waiting for that lunch bell to ring so that you can satisfy the stomach that has been tormenting you throughout the class period? And remember the times you were dying in the blazing hot heat or shivering in the piercing ice cold while waiting for a ride home? Now imagine going through the pain of hunger and the repeated torment by the elements all because you do not have a home. Unfortunately that has been the reality of homeless people throughout America. Homelessness has been a struggling issue for many nations of the world and there have been very little offered to solve this growing economic and social problem. In America, many consider themselves blessed and wish to help out those in need while there are others that choose to view see such people as worthless or just hopeless people who can not make something out of themselves. Consequently people are less likely to help out because they view homeless people as those who do not deserve help keeping many homeless Americans on the streets. In the article, Homeless Demands Local Solutions states that in the United States, “The number of homeless people across the country is as high as 3.5 million in any given year” (Lee and Finley). Rising population in homelessness calls for action from the government and the people because only then, will America be able to curb the rise in homelessness. Many misguided Americans see homelessness as a state of choices and not circumstance.

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