Persuasive Essay : Imagine Our World Without Cell Phones

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Imagine our world without cell phones. What do you think today's generation would do? The answer to that is that they would be lost, their whole life is surrounded by technology. Technology advanced in the most helpful way to help create the world how it is today. Without cellphones it would be hard on today’s generation because they rely on technology so much. It is where they keep their private information, reminds to remind them of everyday tasks, and etc. Without cell phones there would be no instant communication amongst people from different countries, instant communication with emergency services, and no search engines to assist you. Since technology became to be a part of our daily lives, international communication has become more widespread. As of 2016, more than 62.9 percent of people in the world own a cell phone. Cell phones can make your life easier by having instant communication. It became faster as opposed to having to wait three to five business days to send a letter to a different country, then having to wait another three to five business days to receive the response after the person in the different country received it. By the time you sent the letter to the time you get another letter back, the time that passed is about two weeks. At the same time, using a cell phone to text someone amongst different countries, it would only takes a couple minutes to send and receive text messages. Another reason why international communication has made people’s lives better is for military reasons. “...accelerating technological advances in telecommunications and their worldwide dissemination are profoundly changing the rules of international relations” (Tehranian). This said by instead of going country to country, the rulers of each country can call a ruler or president from another country to discuss issues. One example is in a wartime state, cell phones created a way where people can instantly work out issues or proceed the issue to a fight, or war. From the military to people working an average day, they use cell phones either across towns, across states, or even across seas. Over the course of many years, not only have people have been talking instantly amongst other countries with no worries,
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