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Immigration, the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Immigration is a highly important action to keep continuous for the future of the United States. It is important to keep in the future or add to the future or other countries. Immigration is a major factor in many countries because it boosts the economy, mixes cultures, and keeps families together, legal immigration should be allowed. Immigration has been around for thousands of years. It has been a key factor in boosting our country’s economy. Studies have shown that various countries like Japan, which have a very little immigration rate are facing a numerous number of economic problems. Japan’s population is very old and consists of a very low birth rate. Thus…show more content…
The increase of immigrants in the United States has increased the supply of labor, and money spent on food, homes, goods and services. These various expenses having money spent on them more often adds money to the economy allowing it to grow. The increase of this demand generates more jobs to build homes, sell and make food, and to do the services. Increase of demand caused by the incoming immigrants means a boosts in the economy of the country. Immigrants bring a wave of talent and ingenuity, most immigrants that are educated, and graduate college with a great diploma come to the US to live happily because America is the best country in the world in their perspective, which means if they come here and get a job as a doctor at a hospital or an architect working in a big company, they are spending money on stuff they need and want which makes the economy grow and keep America great. A study finds a significant increase in innovation—in fields that immigrants enter there is a 30% increase in patents by domestic inventors. These benefits are driven at least in part by contacts between immigrants and native inventors. One of the perks of immigrants coming to the US is that American inventors get new sets of ideas and methods that they would use for their own work in the future, that means immigrants are giving Americans some of their wisdom and experience for them to use later on. Not only does immigration help improve the economy, but it also helps mix cultures

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