Persuasive Essay : My Portfolio

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My portfolio demonstrates that I lacked in argumentative purpose, execution, sentence structure, grammar, formatting, and clarity. However, my overall portfolio shows my quality in writing has increased and improved in those areas throughout the semester and overall became a better writer. Throughout this semester, I struggled with argumentative purpose. This really showed in essay one and two, but improved in essay three and four. In essay one, I struggled with communicating the argument to the reader which was the main purpose of the essay. However, i also struggled with describing Pearce’s argument without using a lot of quotes in my essay. Before i revised essay one, it failed to help the reader understand Pearce’s argument and i received a grade of 62. I realized that my essay lacked argumentative purpose when you wrote “Imagine your reader has not read pearce article yet. How can you explain to them so that they understand his major points and thesis. What details will they need that may be lacking here”(Appendix 1). In my revised essay, i explained Pearce’s main points of the essay and also made the argument clear for the reader to understand. I realized i improved on the argumentative purpose section in essay one when i received a grade of 98 and you wrote “ Excellent revisions for Unit One. This draft is clear and does a wonderful job explaining the main points of Pearce’s essay. The object of this first unit is to describe the argument of the author without having
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