Persuasive Essay : Not Needed School Uniforms?

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Not Needed School Uniforms Schools these days are being completely asinine and making students wear uniforms. Many schools are converting to requiring all students to wear uniforms so that they are more behaved, not distracted, and not promoting any inappropriate slogans or images. While these are good reasons to require uniforms the schools need to realize that uniforms will not fix any of these issues. On this contentious topic, the best thing to do is not require school uniforms. Uniforms should not be required because they don’t stop bullying and intellectual decline. A uniform being put on a person doesn’t affect their grades because a uniform doesn’t change how one's mind works. When one school was required to wear a uniform for a semester and wasn’t required to wear a uniform for another semester and then the semester grades of students were looked at, in the article “Back to School Shoppers Debate” by Courtenay Edelhart she states “The transition didn’t affect grades” (Edelhart). Why do schools continuously still think that a uniform is a solution to their problems? The real reason is the schools think that uniforms will work as a band-aid for low grades, but according to this research that didn’t work. Another thing that schools want uniforms for is to decrease disciplinary problems and gang relations. They think that by making students wear uniforms they will not fight. Again a uniform doesn’t change how the brain works. In an article called “School Uniforms” it states “Several academic research studies, they point out, have found that uniforms have no quantifiable effect on academic achievement, attendance, or discipline” (School Uniforms 1). The study was done several times which clearly shows that the first study wasn’t a fluke. This study found things on discipline issues, and it backed up research on academic issues. Both of these studies suggest that a uniform will not help the growing violence and academic levels in schools. As schools struggle with discipline and violence issues they also struggle with attentiveness in classrooms. Many schools think that uniforms are a good solution for this problem, again uniforms didn’t fix anything. Some people will say that allowing students to

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