Persuasive Essay On A Car

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A car is a purchase any parent will have to face at some point down the road but, finding the most affordable and durable option can be tricky. Most will put the research aside and let the internet, or car salesperson, tell them which car is best but that does not mean it is best suited for them. After careful research, comparisons, and consideration towards three different cars, a Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Rogue, and Honda CR-V, teens will be able to make the most responsible purchase and parents will be left at ease with their child’s decision. A teen will want to work with his or her parents to find a car with the best fuel economy, lowest scheduled payments, and best safety ratings. Fuel economy may not seem like it would be a person’s deciding factor when choosing a car, however, everybody will want to be aware of it. Fuel economy is very important to someone who does not want to make several stops at the gas station during the day, or worse, pay for said gas more than they should. The gas a car needs to run fluctuates in price but typically stay pretty high and those costs will add up. Each car model consumes a different amount of gas to go the same distance, this is shown through a city/highway miles per gallon comparison to check how much gas will be used. For a Jeep Cherokee, the comparison is twenty-one/thirty or four gallons for every one-hundred miles; a Nissan Rogue is twenty-six/thirty-three or three-point-three gallons for every one-hundred miles; and a Honda
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