Persuasive Essay On A Healthy Diet

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A healthy diet has a long list of benefits that will overall provide you with a better life in many different aspects. The medical dictionary defines a healthy diet as “any diet based on sound nutritional principles”. This goes on to explain that some features of a healthy diet like consuming a high amount of fruits and vegetables, raw foods and whole grains are better than processed foods, and a low consumption of fatty foods (2002). I believe the average person should have a healthier diet because of the variety of health benefits that are included. My argument is backed up by evidence explaining why it’s unhealthy to be obese, the mental and physical benefits of a healthy diet and why an unhealthy diet is bad for you. It seems to be common knowledge that childhood obesity is a problem, but the average person doesn’t actually know the full effects of it. It's easy to find evidence on this topic because it's a prevailing issue in todays world. I found an article titled "Obese kids harm arteries for life." This article explains a study done at the University of Surrey that proves that childhood obesity can cause heart and arterial problems later in life. The lead author Dr. Martin Whyte says, "what we found is that childhood obesity can cause lasting arterial damage which could lead to life threatening illness" (The Independent on Saturday, 2017). If being obese when you were young will still affect your heart and arteries later in life, it’s obvious that being obese

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