Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Parental consent is currently required for a minor to receive an abortion because parents believe young adults are incapable of making such an important decision because they are not mature enough (Maradiegue 2). However, if a young adult is responsible enough to have safe sex, then they should be able to determine if they want an abortion. Parents do not have absolute veto over the young adults decision, but if the young adult wishes to go against their parent’s decision they must receive approval through a clear and convincing evidence, which allows the daughter to prove she is “mature or that the abortion is in her best interest prior to waiving the state’s parental involvement requirement” (“Parental Involvement”). A teenager should…show more content…
It is important for a young adult to be able to make her own decision without her parents consent because her parents restrict her freedom. If young adults have unprotected sex, then it is the fault of failed sex education for not teaching them how to be safe. The teenager who is pregnant is scared of what her parents and peers may think and will shy away from telling them because she does not want to feel hated or like she disappointed them. If parental consent is no longer a requirement across the country, teens who become pregnant will be able to access safe abortions without having to face their parents. Some parents do not want their daughters to have an abortion due to religious beliefs. However, if the teen believes an abortion is in her best interest, her parents should not be able to restrict her of her freedom, causing her to face the consequences of becoming a young mother. The options of the clear and convincing evidence and judicial bypass is helpful to the young mothers who wish to have an abortion, but parents do not. However, since not all state offer these options, it forces the young mother to either tell her parents or have the child. If parental consent is removed, then the laws which remove parental consent for minors would not be needed because young adults would be able to access abortions on their own, immensely

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