Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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The Supreme Court has had a big impact on many events over the past hundred years or so. So there are many cases that have changed history, but one of the main ones would have to be the Roe vs. Wade case. This cases stands out because it is over the hot topic, which has been discussed for about a hundred years now. That topic would be abortion. This is a very controversial issue because there are so many views on abortion. For instance some people believe it is okay that a mother has an abortion because it is her body so it is her choice, and the other side would say abortion is completely wrong because it is the murdering of an innocent child. So it is no surprise that this case occurred. Even though this case did occur there is still not full closure on this topic since it is so controversial.
For hundreds of years many abortions have occurred. These practices were regularly performed in the early days of the United States, so they were considered legal. But some time in the 1800s the topic on abortion became very controversial and when laws started to be passed to eliminate the amount of abortions (History). Another reason they grew to making abortion illegal is because the surgery was very risky because they did not have the proper equipment to keep things safe. Some people during this time believe that if there are no children being born ,because of abortions, then the populations will not grow. Also by 1859 The American Medical Association said that they do not agree

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