Persuasive Essay On Abortion In Australia

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Abortion has been, and continues to be, a controversial topic in Australia. In Australia, New South Wales and Queensland are the two remaining states were abortion is illegal. If other states can legalise abortion then why cannot Queensland. There are many areas of human rights that relate to sexual and reproductive health rights. Human rights can involve many areas surrounding abortion such as; right to live free from discrimination and the right to privacy are involved with sexual and reproductive health rights. The Criminal Code 1899 is implemented when abortion is considered in Queensland. Section 224 covers the attempts to procure abortion. Section 225 the like by women with child. Section 226 relates to the supplying drugs or instruments to procure abortion. Section 282 states the surgical operations and medical treatment. The human rights declaration article 2, 12, 25 and 30 are included further on. Queensland abortion laws should be legalised in Queensland to protect the physical and mental wellbeing of pregnant women. Amendments need to be adapted to the legal system, so that women have their own choice of what they can do with their pregnancy.
There are four Sections’ from the Criminal Code 1899 that are used throughout the process for abortion in Queensland. Criminal Code 1899 – Section 224 is “Any person who, with intent to procure the Criminal Code 1899 – Section 225 is “Any woman who, with intent to procure her own miscarriage, whether she is or is not with
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