Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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In 1973 the supreme court case Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal. Abortion is one of the safest surgical procedures for women in the United States, with less than one percent of women having complications post procedure. People claim that abortions are inhumane and unethical but so is putting a fetus’s life that hasn’t been born yet before the mother. Although a lot of people are against abortion and claim it’s unconstitutional, the abortion bill is necessary for mothers because of irreversible birth defects, emotional wellness, and traumatic incidents. Birth defects are without a doubt one of the toughest things to live with. They can cause thousands of dollars of debt with medical bills, stress, and overall a rough life for not only the…show more content…
Women should be able to make the decision and have that be all but to be told no and be told she has to go through unnecessary steps to be able to is crazy. A Texas woman was experiencing complications with her fetus so she decided to stop her pregnancy only to find out she had to go through unnecessary steps that just caused her more pain and suffering. “I found a statement about women who may opt out of the new sonogram edict. It seemed that minors, victims of rape or incest, and cases in which the baby has an irreversible abnormality might be spared the extra anguish.” (Jones) The women told the clinic and she was just blown off because the nurse made and mistake and in a lot of society’s opinion that is very wrong. In Africa, there are 29 abortions per 1,000 women, and 32 per 1,000 in Latin America (Singer). Women of poverty feel as if the only way is through abortion because they aren’t mentally or financially stable enough to afford to care for a child. A mother’s mental health shouldn’t be put after a fetus that isn’t even born just because of one’s religious belief. However, with not being able to provide for a baby is the number one reason for abortions the second highest reason is rape. Society justifies rape culture by saying “she asked for it” (Carmon). Reasons behind victim blaming is that the victim was dressed inappropriately or society justifies

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