Persuasive Essay On Abortion

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Over 10% of pregnancy-related deaths worldwide are due to complications of unsafe abortions. Abortion is a touchy subject that most people do not always agree on; some people think it is morally acceptable while others say it is not. Abortion was practiced in the United States until about 1880 before people began to see it as wrong and unacceptable. Finally, in the 1900s the American medical association were the ones to finally ban abortions in the United States until Roe vs. Wade; the case that led to the debate of whether abortion should be legal or illegal. However, although some say abortion is wrong, it is ultimately the woman’s choice.
The public has a very strong opinion on abortion. “46% of Americans consider themselves pro-life and 47% say they are pro-choice”(“Abortion ProCon.Org”). As many people see it is close call on these sides, it is almost as if people are scared to speak up for what they believe. Just under 30% of people feel abortion should be legal for any women wanting one for any reason, while just above 20% of americans feel it should not be legal under any circumstance no matter who you are (“Abortion ProCon.Org’’). Nebraska's governor signed a law that stated abortions would be forbidden after the twentieth week of pregnancy because the unborn can start to feel pain (“Abortion ProCon.Org’’). Women all over choose to use this but should the public's opinions affect the women's choice?

The main argument between pro-life and pro-choice advocates would

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