Persuasive Essay On Abstinence Or Safety

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7 December, 2017
Abstinence or Safety
In 2014, there were 249,078 babies born to teen mothers with ages ranging from fifteen to nineteen years old, and eighty-nine percent of those babies were conceived out of wedlock (trends in Teen Pregnancy).an easy way to combat teen pregnancy would be to combat teen pregnancy would to reform sexual education in high school and middles school settings. Sexual education in the school system, specifically in Tennessee, is very underfunded and not taken serious by the students or teachers. Sexual education bills in the state that are and have been previously passed contained words like "abstinence" and "sexual risk avoidance" flood the pages. Instead of preaching no sex, they should be teaching safe sex. Sexual education in Tennessee should include safe sex, birth control and information for LGBTQIA youth instead of religion-soaked abstinence lectures and pictures of sexually transmitted diseases (STD).
It is proven in almost all households all over the world that when you tell a child not to do something, they want to do it even more; therefore, preaching to children that they cannot have sex with drive them to do exactly what they were told not to do. This counterproductive act was eradicated by the country off Denmark, who has one of the best sexual education curriculums in the world. Their success is attributed to starting sexual education courses as early as age four. They discuss with the child what sexuality is and how to
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