Persuasive Essay On Adoption

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Adoption is an extensive process where a family takes in a child as one of their own. To adopt a child, there are many requirements to make sure a couple is a good fit to adopt a child. Some of the requirements to obtain a child are being over twenty-one, complete an application, give information about your lifestyle and background, show proof of your marriage or divorce, (if applicable), and many more.
There are multiple types of adoptions. These include agency adoptions, independently, internationally, and adoption as same sex parents. These are not the only types of adoptions. There are more just these that are the most common. The first one is adoption through an agency, agencies typically handle kids who have been abandoned, orphans, or abused. To adopt a child through them you must prove you have what it takes to be a parent and are ready to be one. The next is adopting independently, adoption independently is when the birth parents meet with the adoptive parents. Not all states will allow this and most of the time the states will regulate these very extensively.
Another type of adoption is internationally adopting a child, this is by far the most complicated of all the types. The adoptive parents have to obey the laws of both countries and then obtain an immigration Visa to see if the child can become a citizen of the United States. If the child has gained citizenship and the parents are fit to be parents, they can adopt the child. Finally, same sex adoption is in

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