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No not all couples can have a child to love and raise but there is a great opportunity for them to have a child to love and care for, and that is call adoption. People adopt children for so many reason. It provides a possibility for an unwanted child to have a home and be loved and had a happy life. There are so many people adopted and that has changed their life. Don’t you wonder where Steve Jobs, Jamie Foxx, and Babe Ruth would be if they weren’t adopted? And I do wonder where I would be if I wasn’t adopted.
One reason why people choose to adopt is because they are unable to conceive kids, or because they have had miscarriages and don’t want to risk losing their child again. Some might adopt stepchildren or children of family members who aren’t financially stable to support their child.
The adoption process can be very long. There is a 10 step process from the NAC (National Adoption Center) website that states that step number one is to learn about adoption. The next step is to choose an adoption agency. Step number three is having a home study completed. Number four is trying to find a child, and then give your info to the child’s agency. After you get info about the child you chose then you can go meet the child. Step number eight is to get a date where you can actually receive the child. Next you can finalize everything with the adoption. The final step is to live a happy life.
There are 2 different types of adoption. One is international, and the next is

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