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Adoption is a beautiful system that allows for families to raise a child that could have otherwise been in bad situations. These children are taken in by a family and are given a fresh start. Children can be adopted from birth until they are eighteen years old, but thousands of these children in need are not given the opportunity of adoption because of the extravagant cost. An adoption ranges anywhere from $6,000 to $50,000 and because of this Adopt Together says, “Cost is the number one reason families don’t adopt.” There is a long list of fees that rack up the price that include legal fees, home studies, agency cost, and many more. The extravagant cost of adoption can and should be lowered in order that more families can provide a loving home to children in need. Many companies and organizations have recognized the price of adoption as an issue, and have taken efforts to reduce the price through grants, loans, tax credit and creating crowdfunding platforms. Adopt Together is one of the organizations that has made an effort to help families fund their adoption journey. This organization provides a crowdfunding platform where friends, families, and donors donate money to families in the adoption process. Adopt Together has raised a total of $12.8 million and has reached 3,000 families. There are hundreds of families featured on their site, and anybody is eligible to donate. There are many different organizations very similar to this one, whose mission is to reduce the price of adoption so that more families are able and willing to adopt.
While many organizations, such as Adopt Together, are putting forth an effort to reduce the price of adoption, it is not enough. Resources such as these are not well known. Therefore, many adoptive parents and potential donors are completely unaware that they exist. They try to face adoption without financial help and are unable to adopt. The solutions provided through grants, loans, tax credits, and crowdfunding platforms help many families but do not fully support the cost of adoption. For these solutions to work fully, more publicity would be required.
I believe that the more the public understands about the dire situations the children in need for adoption are in,

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