Persuasive Essay On Adoption

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Teenage pregnancy has been more common for this generation, and due to having options, most teenagers aren’t taking it as seriously. They don’t necessarily have to raise the child themselves anymore; there is the option to abort or even choose adoption. Adoption is seen as the best option because the teenage mother doesn’t end the baby’s life and the child has the opportunity of being raised by actual family. When people think of a teenage mother, they are seen as unstable and not prepared to raise a child. Most of these pregnancies were what they call a mistake. Either the parents are too young to get married or they are just not prepared to raise the child. But whether it was a planned or unplanned pregnancy, either the mother or father have to take responsibility for their child. The hardest decision becomes the one where the parent has to choose what is best for the child. Either the child grows up with his/her biological parent, or ends up in an adoption center. Adoption is not the best solution to solving the problem of an unplanned pregnancy. This is the easy way out and not teaching the lesson of taking the responsibility of their actions. In choosing the adoption option, teenagers are making the decision of getting a stable life and a chance of a real family for their child. For most teenagers, still in high school, raising a child becomes impossible. The student needs time for homework, studying and sometimes even a job, so raising a child would only add more to

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