Persuasive Essay On Adoption

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Adoption is a hard process. It causes a lot of stress and causes people to freak out sometimes. You might not always get what you want but you have to keep thinking positive and you have to hope that good will come out of it. Some people aren’t able to have children so it’s a hard and long process and they have to wait for a long time sometimes to maybe be able to have a child that could potentially be theirs. There are different ways to have adoptions, most people will have an open adoption because they would like it for their children to know who their parents are. In the United States only, approximately 2.5% of all children in the U.S. are adopted. Also, the state with the largest percentage of adopted children is Alaska (Eligon 27-28). Open adoptions are hard for some people, especially people who have never had children before because they could feel like the baby could get to close to the birthparents and they end up keeping the baby. What about when a parent ultimately decides they don’t want the child or don’t think they can provide for the child anymore? What is the parent supposed to do? Some people just can’t do it no matter how bad they want to or are trying so hard to help. Some parents do it because they know that the child could have so much better and that they don’t need to be stuck with one person where they could be with another person and have so much better. There are those parents who tell the children that they are going on vacation or something and the kid comes to realize that they are going to be with another family. Families that have to take care of older kids usually have a harder time because older kids tend to lash out and freak out more than the younger kids. It’s harder for a person to handle an older kid sometimes. There are lots of famous people who have been adopted and they have opened up and talked about it. Some famous people who have been adopted are Jamie Foxx, Steve Jobs, Gary Coleman, and Faith Hill. Those are just some of the ones that have been adopted and are open to talking about it. It is also shown to be true that around 7 million Americans are adopted persons (Lehnardt). Women’s who adopt are usually current married, have impaired fertility, are

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