Persuasive Essay On Air Pollution

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Did you know that the air we are breathing in is killing us? With the Earth hanging by a thread, our actions can cause many dangers to not only Earth but ourselves. Currently, studies have empirical evidence that shows humans put more than 40 billion tons of CO₂ into the air every year and the number steadily increases (Plait, 2014). This pollution and smoke mixed with fog creates smog (Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], 2016). As we go about our day, we do not give a second thought to what our actions might lead. Air pollution from smoke and various chemicals can kill more than 3 million people a year (Environmental Pollution Centers, 2017). Many cities have recognized the harms of smoke and have attempted to find resolutions (Air Pollution Control Association, 1915). The removal or prevention of pollution is part of having a healthy life, because the quality of the air we breathe is just as important as the purity of our food and water (Dobson et al., 1945). There have been many studies conducted that demonstrates the correlations between air pollution and health. Everyone needs to take action and do something to protect our air because it affects every living thing that breathes and can cause many irreversible damages to our bodies. Air pollution comes from many different sources. It is a mixture of solid particles and gases that can cause harm to the body (Environmental Protection Agency, 2016). One of the most common mobile sources of pollution is the burning of

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