Persuasive Essay On Air Pollution

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Most parents would do anything for their children. If their child needs a new organ, pending their compatibility, they would give them theirs. Many parents work two or three dead end jobs just to ensure their child can go to college. So why does society not take the air that these children breath more serious? Most likely, because the problem does not come in a physical form. Air pollution does not come in the form of a giant two headed monster or a giant lump on your body. Air pollution is invisible to the human eye. To see it, special equipment from Nasa or other research facility would be required. But just because it’s not visible, does not mean it’s not present. Air pollution surrounds humans daily. It is caused by motor vehicles, planes, ships, energy plants, and much more. Humans cannot just take away automobiles or the energy plants. And humanity cannot eliminate all the pollution in the air. But pollution can be reduced to the point where it will decrease the number of stoke, asthma, and lung cancer. Society can reduce air pollution by making better use of vehicles, planting more trees, and decreasing energy use. In America, the saying has always been “bigger is better” Americans want bigger houses, bigger cars, and bigger dinner plates. Who knew that bigger was not always better. Lifted diesel trucks are sot after by young males who do not actually haul anything. Trucks are considered a fashion statement in America. These trucks have no use other than polluting the air. Automobiles are responsible for more than half of the air pollution in the world. This air pollution wreaks havoc on the environment and health. The vehicles release carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. These gases already exist in the atmosphere at a tolerable rate. When vehicles increase the amount of these gases, humanity pays through sickness. Society cannot just take away all the vehicles off the road. Humanity has become dependent on modern transportation to meet the economic demands. There is however a way humanity can reduce air pollution without eliminating vehicles. When the destination is close, people can walk or ride a bicycle. Not only are they helping with air pollution but they are increasing their health

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