Persuasive Essay On Alcohol Vs Marijuana

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Depending on your stance on the marijuana-alcohol debate, you are either leaning toward the thought that marijuana is either safer than alcohol or it is the devil destroying the minds of Americans. Alcohol and marijuana are both commonly used intoxicants and fuels the controversial debate on which one is safer. The issue has been highly discussed, researched and debated for decades. Due to various states legalizing the use and sale of marijuana and doctors using its properties for medical purposes, research has become a top priority for many. Supporters of the marijuana prohibition have lead people to believe that marijuana is dangerous and should be kept illegal. This is simply not true. Both marijuana and alcohol affect one’s mind and changes a person’s behavior and personality. Drugs in all forms have become the largest contributing factor in the increase risk of mortality, aggressive and criminal behavior and the deteriorating of social and family relationships. Since alcohol is legal and marijuana is not, people assume alcohol is the better choice. Research and long-term studies are showing this is simply not the case. Statistics and research for both sides of the argument are showing opposing views and results. Newer research and studies are showing that marijuana is safer than alcohol. According to Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general, she states, “As a matter of medical science, alcohol is a very dangerous drug, both to

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