Persuasive Essay On Animal Rights

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Have you ever seen a tiger jump through hoops in the wild, or do hard tricks because they want to? I didn't think so that's because they don’t want to. Animals are forced to learn these tricks by using a shock collar, whips, electric prods, etc. Puppy's are being kept in a puppy mill, animals are being neglected and abused. I have basically had a zoo at my house, I have 3 birds, 1 chicken, 2 fish, 1 puppy and I don’t want them to feel like they are neglected and it hurts me when I see that Animals are being neglected.

While all of my research that I did on animal rights I wanted to find helpful information and guess what I found… Helpful information. So I asked myself some questions. Is there anything that can help animals? Can I do anything about? So I made a driving question and it was What can society do to solve this problem about Animal rights? I was looking up things about this topic and I found a lot of things that can help to prevent or at least help animal rights.

The problem is that people are neglecting, abusing, and even get up to the point of killing the animals. The reasons why people started to protest is because other people started to use animal fur, killed animals for food, killed cows for leather, and animal habitats were being destroyed. According to Britannica school people started to protest about animal right in the 1970.
The animals that are being most abused are pets and zoo animals. A lot of people are concerned about these animals
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