Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Millions of animals every year are killed by testing, shooting, and eating them. They are tested on and when killed they just throw them away like trash. When they are being tested on, they suffer, and I just can’t imagine what they go through. They have to leave their homes, family, and friends. I wanted to research this because I love animals and want to help them. I believe they shouldn’t be tested on or killed just for fun, when they’re tested on they test products like makeup and medicines. Some people go hunting and kill them, they don’t even eat it, they just leave it there dead on the ground just to see who killed more animals. How long have they been doing it? Can they test it on something else? What animal do they test on the most? What animal do they test on the least? Do only scientist test on animals? I think this problem can be solved because people just need to see what they are doing to them when they are tested on.

Ethical Treatment of Animals says over 100 million animals were killed (2014-2016) and Estimates range from 17 million to 70 million to 100 million animals are used for testing. This is a huge problem, that is so many animals killed for testing and killed for meat and hunting. Animals every year are killed, some are endangered because of us. According to Organ-on-a-Chip Some companies test on animals when they have a new product. If the product has a chemical that has not been used before they test it on animals. 13,400,000 cats and dogs in

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