Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Have you ever owned any pets? Do you have a desire to own a pet, or perhaps you know someone who does? How do you feel about animals in general, do you think they’re capable of feeling emotion or pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then how do you feel about animal testing? Should animals be harmed or killed for a reason that doesn’t exist anymore? Animal testing isn’t really a thing that should be around in 2017, considering that we’ve advanced so much both morally and technologically. There are already laws preventing pet owners from hurting their animals, but scientists have so much more freedom, and it’s getting less and less ethical by the second. Today, we begin by discussing more humane and cheaper alternatives to hurting animals to test. According to my second source, Stop Animal Testing by Meghan Lee, rather than having to test products on animals, “Scientists can now test medications on living human cells on petri dishes. Microdosing means human subjects are given doses that are too small to cause a full-scale adverse reaction, and their blood is then simply analyzed for data.” This means that we’ve reached the point where we can perform more accurate results on a more human-like variable, in a way that brings absolutely no harm to anyone! Later on in the same article, it is said that “DNA synthesis on an animal cost over $30,000, while the same test on human cells in a beaker cost about $10,000.” Now, think about that for a moment. A pain-free
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