Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Imagine participating in a test in which one’s eyelids are held open for numerous days and shampoo is dropped into the eyes. One also might be tested to observe when 50% of participants die based on dosage. This common method of testing is called lethal dose 50 and is used to rate the toxicity of a substance. These tests and numerous others are conducted on animals every day in laboratories across the world. Animal testing began in ancient times and was conducted by Greek and Roman scientists. Arabian doctors in the twelfth century tested surgical procedures on animals before conducting them on human patients. More recently though a law was passed in 1938 that required companies to test substances (food, drugs, and cosmetics) on animals before releasing them. Several toxic drugs had been sold without being tested causing the deaths of more than one hundred people. The law was thought to be benefiting mankind, but it led to the deaths of many innocent animals. In recent light a law was ratified that monitors the care of animals and protects some animals (dogs, cats, nonhuman primates—such as chimpanzees and monkeys—guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, and other warm-blooded animals), yet many animals are not protected by the law. Rats and mice have limited protection, even though they make up 90-95% of animals tested. Animal testing goes against all rules of humanity, goodwill and should be stopped. In the 1100s there were no alternative methods, yet now human skin cells can be
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